Serrano Ham, Arugula & Ricotta Salata with Pomegranate Salsa; Smashed Cannellini Bean Crostini with Feta Salsa Verde


This salad, from Suzanne Goin, is with great certainty the best salad I've ever had. Yes, in my entire life (although it probably wouldn't be useful to look back to my elementary school years when the cafeteria would serve iceburg lettuce and dry carrots with watered down ranch). But you get the point. I nearly passed out from its sampling its deliciouness.

I wish it was still pomegranate season! Here is where I hit myself for not making this salad earlier. I've been eyeing the recipe for a while now but never jumped on it. It's kind of too late now and I have to move onto spring dishes. :( Most of the pomegranates at the market weren't in tiptop shape. I took the best one in the lot and still not all the seeds passed the quality test to be included in the pomegranate salsa along with pomegranate mollasses, lemon juice, shallot, parsley, and olive oil. Good thing I got to at least try the salad before all the pomegranates passed away. Perhaps I can try to fit this salad in one more time before spring exerts itself in full fling mode.


I previously made the Smashed Cannellini Bean dish for the Flick N Hot Tater event, but not as a crostini and without the feta salsa verde. Hmmm, so I guess not the dish at all really. But this time I toasted thin slices of La Brea Bakery baguette with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. And made the zingy feta salsa verde with parsley, mint, anchovy, lemon juice, capers, garlic, and feta.

This also is a super easy recipe like the salad above. I don't know why I didn't make the whole thing before instead of lazily making just the bean part and serving crackers. Doing the tiny bit of extra work went a long way. The combination of the herbs, the creamy bean, and the crunchy flavorful crostini work beautifully together. The recipe called for the use of a mortar and pestle and since I only had the baby one that would probably fit a few leaves of mint at a time I finely chopped everything. Thinking about these dishes is making me salivate. Yumm.

Marilyn's dessert - Cabernet Poached Pear.

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