My Addiction to Yuca's


This is my latest addiction, Yuca's cheeseburger. This is in addition to their carne asada burrito and taco. There is just something crazy delicious about their super thin, crisped-around-the-edges beef patty, in a ubiquitous hamburger bun, with a sprinkling of just classic condiments. So frickin good. Damn, I want one right now. Boy theorizes that maybe the beef patty gets an extra kick of flavor from the carne and other meat drippings on the griddle. Oh hell yeah.



It was recently their 30th anniversary, as the blurry poster in the back announces. The fire department came out to take pictures and all this shenanighan with people coming out to congratulate them. Hence a longer wait for my food! I had a little piece of the celebration cake to keep my hungry self from going insane smelling all them meats white very impatiently waiting for mine.

2056 Hillhurst Ave


justinsloe said...

it's always worth calling your order in ahead, sometimes the wait is crazy long

YoonYang said...

You know I've never been to Yuca's? Nor Father's Office. Do I even live in LA? Tangentially related, have you had the yummy carnitas on Olvera Street? The restaurant at the end with the wheelbarrow wheel out front. It’s so good. They have these Mexican ladies in the back making homemade corn tortillas, grilled to perfection over an open fire. I also really enjoy King Taco in South LA. The tacos there are crazy good and crazy cheap.

yoony said...

you know i've only seen olvera street in passing! i know, neither of us actually live in LA. i'll have to try your suggested out. maybe a yoonyang mexican food rating project??! :D