Asapargus, Leek & Fontina Frittata; Brioche Tea Sandwiches with Aged Cheddar & Mango Chutney


For this week's menu I made a beautiful frittata with asparagus, leeks, and fontina. I also added prosciutto crisps, that's prosciutto that's been chopped up in to bits and fried until crispy, parmesan, tomato, and a few herbs to brighten it up. The aroma from the browned up parmesan cheese on top was amazing! My car was also completely perfumed with that nutty scent from delivering the food. A perfect air freshener.

I'm really pleased with how the frittata came out. Part of that success I owe to my new non-stick pan I purchased at Surfas. The nicely browned outer layer made me swoon but after I cut out a perfectly neat slice and saw beautiful scattering of green asparagus, specks of browned prosciutto, red tomato bits, and green herbs, I knew it would be yummy and eye-pleasing.

For my second plate I made a simple tea sandwich of brioche, slices of aged cheddar cheese, and mango chutney. I saw these sandwiches on Barefoot Contessa some time ago thought it would be perfect for an evening of nibbling and writing. That recipe calls for brioche that are shaped like dinner rolls and since those are hard to find I thinly sliced up a brioche loaf and made tea sandwiches instead. Perhaps making brioche rolls can be added to my project list. (But probably at the bottom of the list.)

Dessert this week is panna cotta, an Italian dessert whose name literally translates to "cooked cream."

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rick james said...

i'm like starving right now and it looks so good...too bad we're just going to spikes for a so-so beef bowl... ;(

yoony said...

hi dietchili! what is spikes? it must be more near you than me. :( stupid soso beef bowl.

rick james said...

spikes is a chain of japanese beef bowl type fast food, not too bad..... its a few notches above yoshinoya, then again everything is above yoshinoya...

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Spike's also serves teriyaki sauce fries. whoa.

yoony, that frittatta is gorgeous. so spongy! my fritattas never get that fluffy. how many eggs did you use?

yoony said...

whoa teriyaki sauce fries!! that sounds kinda good. maybe teriyaki onion rings would be even better.

i used 12 eggs for the frittata. i wanted that "tall" effect. flat frittatas not so pretty. i have stupid electric stove though (=inconsistent heating) so the bottom was overbrowned imo. but besdies that it came out like a slice of pie. :)