Bugger Monday (Everyday) Rituals

Mondays never get easier do they? Well, with a job that is. Who goes to class on Mondays? (Well, I didn't). But there are a few things I can do to ease myself back into the gray cubicle filled, neverending typing, paper shuffling, monitor buzzing world.

1. Delicious food - To celebrate my brother's return from doing research at the South Pole, the family got together and headed to Dong Il Jang for Korean barbeque gluttony. When is Korean bbq never gluttonous? And guess what reward comes at the end of our ro-ss gui (ribeye) feast? Kimchi fried rice made in the same pan with the meat drippings, extra ribeye meat and gochujang. Which makes a wonderful, satisfying, savory Monday breakfast. I would have even topped it with a fried egg but it wouldnt' have fit into the little chinese food box.

2. Delicious drink - Nothing better to go with the savory, nutty, spicy kimchi fried rice than Twinings China Oolong Tea. (Except Ten Ren green tea which I haven't been able to conveniently purchase).

3. Delicious music - Monday mornings are the sleepiest. In fact, I don't really wake up until few hours into work. Sometimes I don't wake up until 4pm when I end work and have more important things to do. Like cook, read cookbooks, clip magazine recipes, take an inventory of my pantry and fridge. I need some good music to get my feet tapping a bit and get my mind jogging. Today's musical medicine... Misfits, Pavement, and other "Alternative & Punk" stuff from my yoonpodd. Eagles of Death Metal coming right up along with headbanging yoonheadd.

And last but not least,

4. Blogging & Blog Reading/Searching/Hunting/Appreciating - Hey it's early. It's a good time to take care of important things-to-do, like blogging and blog reading. Blogging while eating kimchi fried rice and drinking delicious warm tea. The day is getting a little bit better.


justinsloe said...

Your breakfast sounds a lot more appetizing than this lukewarm coffee and peanut butter Power Bar.


yoony said...

hi sloeman, hope your lunch is better. maybe some thai-mexican?

♥dex said...

I'll be the mexican!

yoony said...

but you're already my frijoles picantes!

♥dex said...

Hee hee!