Alsacian Onion Tart; Salad Dijonnaise with Raddichio, Endive, Apple & Walnuts


I turned back at least twenty times on my way to drop off catered food, the rustling sound of the foil making all my hair stand at full stress mode. The Alsacian Onion Tart was not secured to the cake stand. The beautiful creation was sliding around all over the place with every tiny bit of braking, turning, accelerating. Apparently, leaving the metal tart base intact under the tart makes it slippery like the stones/disks used in curling. The whole 40 minutes drive towards Silverlake, the tart was still safe. Sliding, but safe. Then the second to last left turn, I heard it. Oh, the horror!

I was frantic upon arrival carrying my poor tart like a hurt kitten. The unfortunately slippery tart bottom fortunately saved the tart from being completely demolished and broken apart. Only a tiny bit of the crust got smooshed. A lesson learned. Leave the tart bottom at home and use plastic instead of foil!

I used a store-bought pie dough for the crust instead of making the pate brisee that Molly's recipe calls for. Dough is still an area I tread lightly on. But for a flakier, more delicious crust? I'll tread a bit harder and give the pate brisee a go next time.


Salad Dijonnaise with Raddichio, Endive, Apple & Toasted Walnuts accompanied the onion tart. Its refreshing, zingy, crunchy qualities balanced well with the warm, sweet oniony, buttery qualities of the tart. The simple salad was more popular than I expected.


Marilyn's Poached Baby Pear with Raspberry Coulis & Vanilla Ice Cream was an adorable dessert. I restrained this time! Of all the desserts I'm gonna start restraining myself from, it's the innocent poached fruit, huh? Well, it's a step in the right direction.

I've gained so much body mass since I started cooking, besides just for myself. It's not just the desserts but the constant tasting, a bite of this, a taste of that, leftovers for lunch. Let me tell you, it all adds up. Unfortunately, on specific parts of my body. And my mom keeps stopping by the new Korean bakery, Wien, and bringing all sorts of buttery pieces of joy [which I had with my morning tea to embark on my healthy eating mode]. It's hard to be a hedonist after college. At least a skinny cooking hedonist.

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dessertdiva said...

Yoony, I love the dramatic descriptions of your post! It's fabulous--I feel like I was in the car with you.

I have had similar issues trying to transport a "Chocolate Decandence" cake from Berkeley to San Francisco. I basically strapped it into the passenger car seat like it was my baby with protective blankets, and it was definitely precious cargo for the pain in the butt factor of a 2 hour drive round trip.

But getting back to your fabulous food, the tart and the salad were heavenly to eat and beautiful to look at. And I am not the only one who thinks so. :)

yoony said...

thank ddiva! :) i like your non-anonymity.

dessertdiva said...

I figured that since you and everyone else have fun names, I should have one too and embrace my desire to eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, your scrumptious appetizers have certainly helped me see that there is more to eating than just dessert. :)

Daily Gluttony said...

hey yoony...so check this out, i met your brother last night! turns out he's friends with my friends jean and chuckie! he'd come with them to isaac's bday party at hotel figueroa and somehow we got on the topic of food blogs. come to find out that his sis is Ms. Immaeatchu herself!


yoony said...

hi pam! my brother told me today and i thought it was pretty hilarious. :) very small world indeed.

Santos said...

hi yoony! your kim chi fried rice sounds fantastic, i'll definitely have to try it. i've tagged you for the 4 things meme: la edition, i hope you don't mind!