Sake House Miro - A Perfect Watering Hole


Once upon a time, St. Patrick's Day 2006 to be exact, a 100% Korean girl, mutt white Boy, Mexican-Spanish chica, and an Ukranian born and raised went a Japanese restaurant to drink hot sake and cold Kirins and celebrate the Irish holiday.



Sake House is not much of a place to seek out for dining but definitely a great place to hang out. I stayed away from the sushi and other raw fish plates and went for something more safe. The Japanese style fried chicken pieces were delicious dipped in the Japanese mayo. Super crunchy, hot and flavorful, it went perfectly with my refreshingly cold glass of Kirin.


Boy order the Seared Beef Ponzu which was so good! I'm not sure what cut of beef that is but it was really good with the citrusy ponzu sauce. I got my first bottle of ponzu sauce after that dish. :) But yet to be used.

There were a few rolls ordered that I took part in. The tuna roll was okay but the yellowtail was completely inedible. Pretty gross actually. That was the only thing leftover when we left. It was fishy and so unfresh. I can't believe they would serve that raw. At least make fish tempura or something if they don't want to waste it but to serve it raw like it deserved some accolade or something? Not cool.

But the rest of the night was perfect as can be in a bustling quaint watering hole. It's a perfect place to grab a drink, have some munchies, and just have a down-to-earth good time with good friends.

809 S La Brea


justinsloe said...

white mutt Boy digs their garlic butter albacore sushi

pretty white of him, huh?

yoony said...

hehe. dude you can make that at home. it just tastes like they put garlic and butter over a regular piece of albacore. okay i guess that means i make it and give it to you right? :)

i think adding very thinly sliced scallion mixed with a drop of ponzu will liven it up. i'll work on that. probably better without the rice.

♥dex said...


yoony said...

hi dex,

so there is a place in pasadena that makes kimchi pizza! we gotta go sometime. i mean we do have kimchi pizza history, ya know? ;)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

i liked this place. the sushi was ok, but i liked the other small dishes. i believed i had the chicken gizzards and grilled squid.

ponzu sauce is great as a dip or marinade. i think your sauteed oyster mushrooms would taste good w/ ponzu sauce. i usually use yuzu sauce for the oyster mushrooms, yum.

♥dex said...

Yooner - think they serve frijoles too???

I can't believe I missed you guys last night. :( I was at Drei's.