Caramel Apple with Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey


I'm really lucky to have discovered the wealth of good food blogs out there. There is so much great writing and photography. And delicious recipes. And although my tummy hates me for the hunger that I cause by confronting myself with these delicious images and words everyday, there is a payoff also. Trying out some of the recipes.

When I first saw the caramel apple post on delicious days, my mouth got so watery. Wait, it's happening again. The caramel apples look just so delicious!

So after printing out the recipe, and then waiting an eternity to get around to it, I finally made the caramel apples. I halved the recipe and used braeburn apples as the recipe recommended. And served the baked apple half in the cutest little ceramic dish, spooned some of the caramel juice over it, and placed a few melon-ballered scoops of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream. Yum!

I gotta work on the caramel making bit somewhat. I was so scared it was going to splatter or do whatever crazy thing caramels do. I stood far away as possible and reached over with my silicon spatula to mix the butter in. All I know is that melted sugar is really really hot. And dangerous. But I'm still alive! And the caramel apple was delicious. :)


♥dex said...

Me want caramel apples! Me want caramel apples!

yoony said...

coming right up! :)

gandygirl said...

need advice from you on the best apples to use for pie. I've been using McIntosh because I thought we had a McIntosh apple tree when I was a kid, and that's what my mom used. Turns out, that wasn't the kind of tree we had. It was like a crabapple tree (kidding, but I've been wrong! And my pies have turned soupy!)



yoony said...

thanks for coming out for my bday imani and for the little treat! :)

here is a link i found regarding apples & pie:

i used braeburn for the caramel ones but i've never apple pied before. do you use a bit of thickening agent before you bake the pie, like flour or cornstarch? and do you poke steam holes at the top of the dough?

and here's a list of suggested apples for "Pies: Granny Smith, Jonagold, Macintosh, Northern Spy, Romes and Winesap" [www.seedsofknowledge.com]

apples aren't in peak season right now but maybe if you stop by a farmer's market you can get really fresh one. hopefully some of this helps and if not i can try out a few recipes with you. :D