Gifts From Japan

"herro!" says the japanese shower sponge that is way too cute to use

My friend J just got back from visiting her family in Japan and looky what she brought me back!

There is absolutely no English on this box of Meiji treats whatsoever and J also wasn't sure what it was but suggested green tea? Of course I had to do a little taste test after the photo shoot. :)

The oblong almost-Hershey's-Kisses-shaped treat has a light crispy wafer at the base, a green tea (I think) soft filling on top of that, and then covered with a light coating with chocolate. The dark chocolate coating is very thin, acting as an accent rather than a player in this emsemble. A sweet chocolate probably would not balance well with the delicate flavors of green tea. [green tea + sugar = shudder]. I also taste nutty sesame seeds, perhaps these are lodged in the wafer part of this treat. Very yummy. I actually like popping one of these in my mouth as a breakfast appetizer. Quick little snack, and perhaps filled with antioxidents, happy hormone inducing chocolate, and fiber filled wafers. Yeah right, ;).

Thanks J!


justinsloe said...

I think the sponge in going to eat the candies, he looks hungry

yoony said...

no he's a good sponge. plus i ate all the candies.

j said...

yay! i did good. :)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

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