Kitchen Additions & My Addiction

new additions in the last week:

*12 baby blue stoneware square plates/shallow bowls

*16 ramekins [12 white and 4 green]

*26 stoneware round plates

*11 glass jars

*1 pot
*2 olive wood boards

Okay okay, I admit it was a bit overboard. But what if I have a 26-people party?! What if i need to make 12 creme brulees? What if I want to serve the most delectable cheese on the olive boards which I plan to season and make beautiful? What if i want to oven-dry tomatoes and marinate them with olive oil in the glass jars? What if, what if?

And you thought the purchases weren't justified. And I even got those green Le Creuest ramekins for $0.99 each! :) Now all I gotta do is find more room in the kitchen. I hope I can fit all my stuff into my new kitchen when I move out. Yikes.


Gustad said...

how did you get le creuset ramekins for only 99 cents!!!??

yoony said...

i got it at ross! :) the price wasn't tagged and the lady working there obviously didn't know that it was a good brand. so when i asked for the price she said $0.99. i lucked out and took all four with me. if there was more i would have wiped them out of their supply.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

$.99 LC ramekins. that's getting away with murder.

where else did you go shopping? the dinnerware is handsome.

yoony said...

i got the square plates from ross, the round plates from ikea (for $0.50), the glass jars from ross. :) this is my way of relaxing.

CameraDawktor said...

Love the stoneware, I'm coveting them!!

stacey said...

LC ramekins at 99 cents! I am jealous, I assume this Ross is only a Cali thing???!!?!?