LOU on Vine


I've been waiting for something like LOU, well, for all my short little life. It's small, cozy, comforting, tucked away in a strip mall off Vine and Melrose. Apparently if you want me to go anywhere and do anything just mention bacon. Having read Jonathan Gold's explanation of pig candy and completed smitten with the idea of candied bacon, I pretty much took myself and Boy straight over there as soon as possible.


What we were met with was way more than I expected and even a tad bit more valuable than a plate of pig candy. Just a tad bit. LOU pours 25 wines in 2oz, 5oz, and bottles, supporting small producers and even organic wines which make up about 10% of their list. I'm impressed with their philosophy and standards and love the fact that I can taste my way through many many different wines all in one night.


They serve a short list of food including "Prairie Grove pork shoulder slowly braised in milk, garlic & rosemary, with cannellini beans" (does that sound incredible or what?!), salads and some small pleasant bites to accompany their great wine list. We got the Mixed Cheese and Salami Plate, which featured Cowgirl Red Hawk, Cypress Grove Purple Haze and Ewe-F-O sheep and smattering of perfectly thin slices of cured meats from Armadino Batali's Salumi Artisan Cured Meats. And of course the sweet, carmelized, smokey house-made bacon. House made - once again impressive.

Service was also great with our server David being so helpful and friendly even to my obvious questions. He pointed out Lou working behind the bar when I started asking a few questions but I didn't get a chance to chat it up. That will be saved for next time when I go back for that braised pork shoulder.

I found the wine list very stimulating and interesting, running into varietals and regions I've never drank before. I took it easy on my brain for this first time and went for the white flight and Boy went for the red flight. And I ended with a bubbly of course, the Cremant Rose NV Delane.

The white flight consisted of:
*Cheverny Salvard '04 - France/Loire; Sauvignon Blanc, Chard
*Gruner Veltliner Gritsch "Axpoint" '03 - Austria/Wachau
*Valminor Albarino '04 - Spain/Rias; Baixas

And the red flight:
*Mas Neuf "Tradition" '03 - France/Costiere de Nimes
*Montpeyroux D'Aupilhac '02 - France/Languedoc; Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
*Mas Igneus FA206 '01 - Spain/Priorat; Grenache, Carignan

Since the wine list is to change every 4 to 6 weeks I will do my best to try many of the wines. Yes I promise, myself that is. I'm really looking forward to the Sunday family-style dinners. Bacon? Family style rustic cuisine? Great wine from great people? I am so there.

cool wallpaper!

724 N Vine St


justinsloe said...

those mysterious looking hands belong to Boy

Boy likes the Lou

YoonYang said...

Those mysterious hands look tasty...wait, they're not on the menu?!

yoony said...

so proper and pretty those hands. you can become a hand model. sporting an elegant beer glass.

♥dex said...

You mean to tell me those hands didn't bother to knock on my door when they were only a block away??


yoony said...

they too busy looking pretty. hehe. KNOCK KNOCK! or you can knock knock over to lou for some yummy cheesy cheese with them pretty hands.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

wait they serve crispy bacon as an appetizer? awesome. was it candied in maple syrup or something?

you know for $1.99, you can do the same thing at denny's haha.

yoony said...

only if they make their own bacon!

david said...

yoony, thanks for coming in last nite with justin. you could tell that we were swamped, and overwhelmed. give us a few weeks to work out the kinks. hope you enjoyed the organic wines!!!

hope to see you two again. by the way, really enjoying your blog.


yoony said...

hi david, thanks for visiting! lou was crazy on friday! glad you guys are doing well. we will definitely have to come back on one of the weekdays. the organic wines were so good! can't wait to try the others and some food too.

see you soon!
susan (yoony)

Anonymous said...

a fair attempt at a winebar, but we much prefer Bodega on Fairfax. Much better service and menu there.

yoony said...

hi anonymous,

i've been interested in going there but read bad reviews, especially about the food. perhaps that was when they opened. have you been there lately and what would you recommend there?