My Idea of Chips & Dip

Gumbo Pot's jambalaya (doused with louisiana hot sauce) scooped up with their super crispy sweet potato chips.

Unfortunately the jambalaya was good but not as good as I remember it. It just wasn't as flavorful enough, one bowl of jambalaya was way drier than the other, the shrimp was overcooked, the sausage wasn't spicy enough. I don't think I'll be going back to Gumbo Pot. Except for their sweet potato chips, cornbread or beignets.

6333 W 3rd St #312


Santos said...

i'm sad about gumbo pot. although it was never great, it was, as you said, better than now. still, i gotta go there for a po'boy every now and again.

yoony said...

which po'boy do you usually get? i've only had it once, i think shrimp, since the jambalaya usually calls my name.