Spring Pea Soup Shooters; Socca Crepes with Walnuts & Orangeblossom Honey


In need of a fresh and green dish to bring in the spring sounded, I turned to Michael Chiarello's Spring Pea Soup. I added some salty prosciutto crisps and tangy creme fraiche to add some spark and contrast.


On the side I made socca crepes, this time flavored just with rosemary. I sprinkled toasted walnut pieces and drizzled orangeblossom honey over the warm soccas. These were only good while very fresh. I really like the nuttiness of the garbanzo flour combined with the mildly sweet and citrusy honey. I've looked up images of soccas and such on the internet but I'm still unsure about how it's supposed to be. I just mixed the flour with milk and water until it got to a watery pancake batter consistency and cooked it until it got brown. If anyone knows where I can get soccas in LA please let me know (not Cobras and Matador)!

Yay for Berry Fool! I love berries. And I also love freshly whipped cream.

This is a writing prompt using the senses. Can you tell which sense this is for?

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