Help, It's Breakfast Time

Do you know what e-time is? It's that pesky little electronic clock-in device that my work uses to track employee ins and outs. And to make me late. 99% of the times I am "violating" the tardy policy, it's by less than a minute! [insert yoony scream of frustration here]. Now I'm rarely late for anything. I am the person that waits outside, calls, checks in at exactly the meeting time.

But it's winter (almost spring). The heater is making my room nice and cozy, I am burrowed under two down blankets, my head nestled in a down pillow with 600-count Egyptian cotton covers, there is a good chance my feet are housed in fluffy, baby blue "comfy socks." If you can get up out of that I give you props but I'm resetting my alarm for five more minutes. Which leads to the breakfast problem.

With my five-more-minutes program, making breakfast sometimes earns me that infamous one minute tardiness. Sure, I would love to make roasted vege frittata with smoked cheddar, coconut-orange brioche french toast with 100% maple syrup, or curried sweet potato hash, but who's got time in the morning? Or at night for that matter.

And the nights before, I'm busy food shopping, making dinner, making lunch for the next day, or making Writing Pad food. I need speedier breakfasts to be on the road with me in mere minutes. And one that rarely requires plastic containers because just my usual gang of lunch containers makes me look like a tupperware saleswoman. More breads, fast egg scramble sandwich, energy bars?

On my last trip to Trader Joe's I had breakfast on the back of my mind. Afterall, yesterday's breakfast of kimchi fried rice is a more lunchy deal, not that it wasn't an excellent breakfast. But having eaten my appointed lunch for breakfast, I ended up having to eat almost a whole box of TJ Coconut-Chicken Stix appetizers for lunch because that was my only other quickie choice.

But today is a new day. I did good:
Sourdough English Muffin with Goat Cheese and Pittaffo Organic Honey & Raspberries.

A damn long name for a small delicious on-the-go breakfast. The Lady Grey and I were very happy. Maybe even just a nob of plugra butter and orangeblossom honey would be yummy too.

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