Boudin Blanc with Rosemary Apple Compote & Creme Fraiche Mashed Potatoes

Fabrique Delices Boudin Blanc from Surfas, mashed potatoes with creme fraiche, cream and butter, and rosemary apple compote made with the rome variety. I could use more practice on the apple compote part. I looked up a bunch of recipes and just used the most basic ingredients - butter, apple and sugar. Hmmm, maybe it needed that cider I forgot to buy.

I first tasted boudin blanc while working at the restaurant. The housemade sausage just melted right over my tastebuds. It was pretty amazing. But thank god for Surfas and their icebox chest of various sausages, including the boudin blancs above.

I've seen different variations on the usual boudin blanc gang of potato and apple, whether it be potato cakes with apple gravy or potato gratin. I went the easier mashed potato way although it could have had a more refined texture, maybe put through a sieve or a ricer, or both. But that's way too much work for a simple dinner before going out.


Much to my pleasure Boy (the food eater and beer provider), presented me (the food bringer), with a bottle of Hitachino Nest White Ale made with a "hint of [their] traditional sake brewing method". Delicious to drink and delicious to look at. Its well balanced mellow flavors complemented the also similar boudin blanc dinner nicely. Love that owl!


justinsloe said...

the meal was crazy delicious

all I had to do was bring the beer - and help drink it

I'm good at that

yoony said...

yes you is. remember to bring beer for tomorrow! i think we might eat in line if need be. perhaps a hoegaarden disguised as nantucket nectar lemonade? :D yay!

♥dex said...

I would like to be food eater #2 please.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

what does boudin blanc taste like? better than german sausages?

you should just work at Surfas haha. it's like your 2nd home.

yoony said...

haha surfas is really my second home. and i can even be a spokeswoman for it. haha~ i haven't had the german white. but boudin blancs have a creamy texture and flavor. this one is flavored with cognac.

Santos said...

i don't drink very often, but i would have to say that hitachino nest is one of my favourite beers. fabulous label, too.