Chickpea Salad with Mint, Basil & Greek Feta


I had some leftover herbs and usually have a can of chickpeas hangin out somewhere in my pantry, so why not a salad? I rinsed and drained the chickpeas, then dressed it with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, chiffonaded mint, torn basil, thinly sliced red onion (could have been thinner), and chunks of Greek feta. I forgot to add the Spanish canned tuna before I took the picture, but all together it made a really delicious lunch with akmak crackers. I think next time pita, red leaf lettuce, tomato and cucumber will be delicious too. And involve less chickpeas rolling off akmaks.


gandygirl said...

i think you made this for sloejams and then he went and left at my house, much to my stomach's delight. and i don't even LIKE chickpeas.

yoony said...

haha, i totally forgot he left it there. glad you enjoyed it though. :D