Flick N' Hot Tater


I know the title of this event sounds like a porn party but instead it was a dinner & movie party. I think some were disappointed. :]

Wanting to get everyone together without going nuts and losing my bolts, I opted for a uber-casual gathering for a delicious devouring of a nice and hot comfort food - the baked potato. Toppings included maple smoked cheddar, romesco, roasted garlic butter, chives, applewood smoked bacon, and organic sour cream. I pre-baked the potatoes, Boy scooped them out. I mashed them around a little bit with hot milk, pepper and plenty of salt and then stuffed them back all fluffy and easy to eat.

Each person made their own creation, so vegetarians, health nuts, and meat eaters were all happy. I gotta say this was a frickin delicious baked potato. The romesco and the smoked cheddar really made it special. The roasted garlic butter was even better than I expected because I made it with plugra. More creamy and tasty. My only disappointment was that the chives I got were fucked up. Not oniony, not fresh, not very tasty. :P But I guess that's a minor failure in the scope of the other great toppings.

yumm... i heart roasted garlic butter.


For starters I made Suzanne Goin's Smashed Cannellini Bean and served it with dry salami and crackers. And a simple salad of chickory blend and baby romaine with a dressing made with an old-fashioned grainy mustard I picked up at Surfas. For dessert I made brownies out of a box added cashews and peanut brittle. All in all, everything was pretty easy and everyone had a lot of fun. I thought this event would last for a few hours but instead went all the way to 2am, rampaging through many many bottles of wine and beer. We didn't even get to our movie because we were having so much fun just kickin it.

I got to chill in my sweatpants and comfy socks. The fire place and the electric blanket (an ubiquitous item in Korean households) was on, plenty of comfy pillows strewn around, even my uglydolls joined in the fun. Everyone relaxed around the cozy warmth. I'm already looking forward to the second comfy event!


justinsloe said...

best potato I've ever had

romesco + roasted garlic butter = crazy delicious

♥dex said...

Soooooooooo good.

I think the moan I let out after the first bite of tater with that garlic butter was good enough to add a porn element. ;)

yoony said...

we love potatoes! so next time porn + potato? maybe we should try a roasted garlic butter theme. :) yummy.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

I would be happy with just a bowl of roasted garlic pepper mashed potatoes topped with a dollop of crême frâiche. the food looks great as usual yoony.