Tis the Season of Squash


And I've been missing out on it mostly. So I dove into it with the carnival squash. A beautiful specimen isn't it? It would have continued to make a beautiful center piece, not that a delicious pasta isn't a good enough home for it.


While I roasted the squash I sauteed some onion and garlic with a few pieces of leftover parmigiano rind. God, frying cheese rind smells so good! And looks good too! After the squash was cooked I peeled and chopped it into bite-sized pieces and added it to the pan. Add al dente penne and a sprinkling of rosemary, lemon zest, TJ pasta seasoning, and red pepper flakes. On top I sprinkled some leftover Cypress Grove Humboldt Fod goat cheese that I've had for an eternity. I had to trash most of it but I salvaged the untainted creamy white middle. The carnival squash was delicious with its mild sweet potato-like flavors. And with the penne made a humble but satisfying (and beautiful) dinner.

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