Sabor de Goodness


After all these years of intention I finally went to Sabor Y Cultura upon Boy's suggestion to stop by for breakfast before we head out to the Santa Monica farmer's market. It was a rainy day, one that started off with my failure to enroll for a printmaking class at the Barnsdall Art Center. Late by 2 minutes for the 8:30am lottery. Arg!

So I welcomed the warm mexican hot chocolate at Sabor while anticipating the croissant breakfast sandwich. The hot cocoa was so delicious. The perfect temperature, frothy and light, a hint of spice and cinnamon. I knew it would be good but this was really good.


Our sandwiches were finally ready. Beautifully brown and crusty croissant with a good piece of black forest ham, cheese and egg. The egg was overcooked a little bit but I guess now I'm used to that when eating out. Whether scrambled, poached, or fried, eggs get overcooked way too much. In this case it should really have been super fluffy, soft, and oozing a little bit of juice, with the cheese melted on top to hold its delicate form together. But hey, that's just me.

However, the sandwich came with a small plastic container of jam on the side. Jam on a breafast sandwich? Hmm... I skipped out on that happily enjoyed my sandwich with my choice of warm brekkie beverage. Then I started thinking, do they give this out with every order? Am I missing something?

I held the itty container up to my nose and took a sniff. Hmmm.. smells good, I'll try a little bit. Holy shit! It was soooo good! There was a hint of spice in there but with consistency and texture of a good jelly. I felt like I discovered a missing link. It was the perfect condiment for the sandwich, one that took it to another level. At this point my consumption of the sandwich accelerated.

I need to buy this or get the recipe for it, I thought. I went up to the front and asked the guy what the jelly was. Ancho jelly. Brilliant! Then he mysteriously said that they have someone who makes it for them and that it's not for sale. It's their secret family recipe and he don't even know it. Arg, thwarted for the second time in the same day. But I am still determined to find this mysteriously jelly. If you know a good recipe or know who these people are that make it for Sabor Y Cultura please tell me!

2004 Best of LA Review

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eatdrinknbmerry said...

i seriously wish that i could just reach into the screen and take a bite of that ham croissant. i love ham, cheese and warm, buttery croissants. so good.

oh yeah, i'm going to SF next week. I saw your review on Chez Panisse. Would you go back there again? I'm debating whether or not to try it - I think my friend has a reservation there.

yoony said...

if i could goto chez panisse every week i would be ecstatic! yes definitely go. check the menu beforehand or call for it. super fresh ingredients, beautiful restaurant and great service.

i wish i could go back to SF. i miss it. are you going for a leisurely visit?

eatdrinknbmerry said...

I'll see if my friend wants to try Chez Panisse. Some other places she mentioned were Frisson, Myth and Winterland. I believe Winterland changes their menu daily as well. I'm going for a few days to relax before I start my new job. I figured a nice drive to SF would give me some time to actually have a 'real' weekend. also, do you or Boy know of any good house clubs up there? I'm into migs, farina and j.boogie - all of them are up there with OM records. thanks yoony.

yoony said...

the club that we went to was ruby skye. check their site for lineups. i think that's their biggest house club. ill ask Boy and update you.

go to the ferry! it's a lot of fun. also a SF kitchen working fried recommended Canteen. i didn't actually make it there but it sounds really good. and congratulations on new job. :)

justinsloe said...

Om's 10th Anniversary is tomorrow (2/3/06) at Mezzanine, so next week will probably be a bit slow for them. I'd avoid Ruby Skye unless there's a really good name in town - it gets kind of shady there. I'll ask some SF friends if they know anything going on next week.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Thanks Yoony and Boy. I saw a flyer for Om's party and am pretty bummed that I can't make it. Are you guys going to the Migs/Farina thing on the 12th @ Vanguarde? Not sure if you guys are into them.

yoony said...

no migs/farina for us. i'm not sure what they sound like. this weekend will be crazy superbowling. we have super pittsburg fan friends. you not watching? i hate football.

Sam said...

glad the ricotta worked out the second time!
myth is classy, canteen is homely, frisson is trendy, winterland sounds kind of interesting but not sure if it is my cup of tea (yummy chow bunrabs did a review last week). Ame is really hot right now - cant wait to test it out.
if you are into clubbing you might check out the supperclub - i havent been there yet but its kind of trendy at the moment.
Ruby - skye - wouldnt go there unless thievery corporation or someone are playing.

yoony said...

thanks sam! I've actually turned the 2nd batch into ricotta gnocchi and froze them for another day. hopefully they will be ok. :)

dang all this SF talk. i want to go back!