To be a Burger... Father's Office


Have you eaten this yet? This is the Father's Office hamburger, considered one of the best in LA. Although some would scoff at the thought of this deliciousness being a burger in the technical sense, it does deserve hamburger merit because the simplicity of a classic burger is still preserved.

All the essential parts that make up a good burger is still intact. Raw onions replaced by carmelized ones. American or cheddar cheese replaced by gruyere and Maytag blue, both very popular and widely available cheeses. Bacon strips are replaced by "applewood smoked bacon compote," fancy sounding but still bacon, right? The round bun replaced by a french roll, offering a similar soft texture of the latter. The ubiquitous flavorless iceburg replaced by peppery green arugula. And the ground beef patty replaced by dry-aged sirloin patty.

The carmelization of onions may take up a bit more time than thinly slicing a red onion, but the rest of the ingredients are as easy to find and can be stacked together equally fast as a classic burger. This is not one of those ridiculous burger that try to fancy itself up at every opportunity, overburdening itself with too many flavors... sun-dried tomatoes in the patty, blue cheese hidden in the middle, etc., etc.


The FO burger is still simple and the flavor of beef, the most important part, is excellent. But it's simple done well with really good ingredients that meld together beautifully. Add a shopping cart of sweet potato fries, four servings of the roasted garlic cabrales aioli, a cold glass of Russian River's Pliny the Elder IPA. It's hard not to be happy even among the all the weird patrons, annoying yuppies, and fratties. Too bad there isn't more bars like Father's Office in LA with excellent selection of beer and better bar food. But just to warn you, this place is pretty impossible to have a good time during peak hours. Go right when it opens between 3 to 5 to snag a table.

1018 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403


justinsloe said...

were it not for the jabroni patrons and the long drive to get there - I'd probably be at Father's Office everyday and disgustingly out of shape

yoony said...

i wish father's office was my living room. someday, someday.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

This is definitely one of the good hangouts in the Westside... IF you get there by 6pm. I don't think I've ever had a seat here - always standing caressing my delicious beer. I love the microbrews they carry, oval-shaped maytag burger and mini shopping cart of fries. Next time you go there, try the Craftsmen beer made with Sage - it's like 9-10% alcohol. Tipsy time.

YoonYang said...

I've been meaning to try this place forever! I have yet to venture the long lines, despite the fact that I work in SM. Terence seems defiant that this place has the title of best burger (so I hear). One day, we'll put it to the test. BTW, beer festival this Sunday?

yoony said...

yes to beer festival! i'm really looking forward to it. best pig in the blanket there. :)

Grant said...

This burger sounds amazing. I never know what restaurants to try on the westside.

Apparently, depending on the reports, Father's Office is either moving to a new location in the Helms Bakery in Culver City OR they are just opening another location.

And speaking of great burgers, have you tried 25 Degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel? It's kind of great. Lots of fantastic cheese to choose from to top the burger and their fries are seasoned with Herbes de Provence. Check it out.

Paul said...

the owner was on good day LA this mornng. He stated they are opening a new location in the Helms building next to the Jazz Bakery. I can't wait till November.