Tortilla Espagna with Romesco; Roasted Eggplant Spread


Ever since I first tried out Suzanne Goin's recipe for cured pork chops with sweet potatoes and romesco from the Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook, romesco has become one of my favorite condiments. Fried bread, toasted nuts, smokey raisany ancho chili, garlic, rounded out with a few tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil. This has been excellent on just about everything else I've spooned or drizzled it on. Thick-cut bacon, scrambled egg and cheddar on soft white hamburger buns with a dollop of romesco. Twice-baked potatoes whose fluffy refilled center served as a bed for the blissfully melding roasted garlic butter and nutty romesco.

For this week's Writing Pad menu I served Tortilla Espagna and Roasted Eggplant Spread. Like the above dishes, I thought a dollop of romesco may give a lively dimension to the tortilla, not that it's not an excellent dish by itself. I still have to master my tortilla making skills as flipping the darn thing to cook the other side instilled in me the fear of flying potatoes and dripping oil. (And resulted in a lopsided sorta way, but luckily not witnessed by anyone).

I cut and trimmed the wedges into perfect triangles, spooned a bit of romesco at the base and sprinkled chopped parsley for garnish. I'm don't like being too heavy with the garnishing, as I may get the messy "let's get crazy" look that Emeril likes to portray on every one of his plates. Just a touch will go a long way. And no, do not bam any spices all over the plate.

I also made Roasted Eggplant Spread (Barefoot Contessa) with toasted crostinis. This dish is a great vegetable starter. Easy to make and full of flavor. Leftovers are quite versatile as demonstrated by Marilyn's husband, J, who transformed it into a delicious frittata the next day.

For dessert Marilyn made adorable Pot de Creme w/Orange Infused Whipped Cream. Quite delicious and not too sweet, as I like it. The coffee flavor came through nicely through the mellow sweetness of the chocolate. And of course whipped cream is always delicious. :)

A catered menu for www.writingpad.com

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