La Maison Du Pain


Once in a while when I goto the gym I take Pico back east from La Cienega. A few weeks ago I noticed La Maison du Pain on the north side of the street. It this new?! In fact it opened August of 2004. How have I missed this all the times I cruised home on Pico? Must be that post-work post-gym zoning out thing.

I stopped by one evening got the booty of breads above (plus one more danish that I devoured walking out of the store) for $10. Included are the house baguette, which looks much more like a ciabatta, peach danish, raisan pastry, and a few rolls.

The house baguette was good but super crusty which translates to even more crusty the next day as it starts to stale. I think if I got it fresh in the morning it would have been amazing, maybe with a nice slice of brie and apple. :) Always with the cheese, huh? The danishes were pretty standard but I liked the rolls better. Besides being small and adorable, it was chewy with a nice crust.

It's still a new bakery and judging from an article I read, still trying to get a firm foothold in its business. It's run by two sisters who have no previous experience in the bakery businesses and used cookbooks to make their breads! Pretty amazing. I think now they have professional baker from France in their kitchen but it definitely has a family business feel to it with a very friendly service.

I still have yet to try their croissants, brioche or the brioche-y baguettes (I couldn't quite get the name down) but they looked delicious. The pastry selection was a bit sparse not that I cared too much. Afterall I am more of a breadgirl.

5373 W Pico Blvd

LA Times Article


♥dex said...

Cheese is natural, cheese is fun.
Cheese is best when it's one on one.
I want your cheese.

Try an almond croissant (if they have them) next time, then spread your favorite jam, and top with a fat piece of brie.
It is exactly excellent.


yoony said...

ooh excellent suggestion dex! i like fat pieces of brie on anything. ;)

James of the Valley said...

I can vouch for the croissants at La Maison du Pain. They are the real deal, as far as I am concerned. A wonderful achievment. Well constructed and so, so flavorful. Better by far than 99.9% of the croissants I have pilgrim-like sought out on three trips to France.

yoony said...

hi james,

i had their croissant recently and they were delicious! crusty, light, beautiful brown color to it. i'll have to try it once more to the one i had i paris. isn't it amazing that the proprieters were never baking professionals?