Herbs de Provence-Gruyere Biscuits; Double Creme Brie & Walnuts with Orange Blossom Honey


I had my second go at biscuits for this week's Writing Pad menu but added my own touch with some gruyere and herbs de provence. Is there ever a bad time for nutty gruyere? The obvious answer is no. I had my little moment of happiness eating a little taster before grating it, completely forgetting that later I'll be left with a small ungrateable rump to sample also. The combination of the nutty mild gruyere and the floral herbiness worked well with the simple southern biscuit recipe.

To melt and ooze inside the freshly baked warm biscuits, I made roasted garlic butter with a sprinkling of lemon-thyme, salt and black pepper. I think it could have used a lot more roasted garlic, probably one bulb to one stick (1/4 lb) of butter. And also I thought the bicuits could have been fluffier. I'll have to work on my biscuit making skills. But this was only my second time so please excuse!


A simple plate of double-creme brie, toasted walnuts with orangeblossom honey, and sesame crackers accompanied the delicious biscuits. I can't believe I hated honey when I was little. It's so good! The last one I had was a wildflower honey from Italy which was so frickin good, but unfiltered so undrizzleable. So when I saw this gorgeous clear amber-tinted orangeblossom honey from Catalonia I was quite taken by it. And good thing because it's delicious, especially drizzled over warm toasted walnuts.


For dessert Marilyn made mini mile high strawberry pies. A perfect choice since berries are coming back into season. The strawberry cream was so light on the tongue and well flavored with sweet strawberry ripeness. A nice contrast with the graham cracker crust. It seems to have the same effect as pavlovas though, its lightness making people forget that it's all whipped cream and devouring it!

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Anonymous said...

Yoony, you are way too modest. Your biscuits were perfecto--amazing! And the honey walnuts with brie were wonderful. I feel lucky to have the privilege of eating your wonderful creations.