Nocturnal Activity in the Silverlake Hills - Writing Pad


What a great view from the Silverlake Hills. Especially the rows of palm trees lined up in the furthest hills - it's so LA. And in one of these hills a writing class takes place every Thursday. One called Writing Pad and one that I've joined with a friend's brilliant suggestion of the ancient system of bartering.

One distinct feature of Writing Pad is its offering of tasting plates, dessert and tea. I have taken over the savory part of this bit, while leaving the dessert up to Marilyn, the dessert-saavy class facilitator. The space is already so welcoming, relaxing, and spotlessly clean. Adding delicious food to this only furthers the pleasantries of a relaxing Thursday night.

For the third winter class and my first menu, I offered a simple rustic Italian fare:

Homemade Ricotta with Maple Syrup, Bacon & Crostini

Balsamic Roasted Onion with Toasted Pinenuts & Parmigiano

Hot Tunisian Olives

Ricotta is an Italian cheese that is made from whey. So technically it's not a cheese but a byproduct. Homemade ricotta recipes usually use milk and an acid in the form of lemon juice, vinegar or buttermilk. I never even thought of making ricotta cheese at home until I read about it on Becks & Posh. The first batch, only yielding bit over a cup, turned out really creamy and moist because I didn't let the milk curdle enough. First time jitters I guess. I cooled and saved the milk to try a second batch in my le creuset pot and it came out so much better with the normal yield amount of about a pint or 1 pound. Ricotta gnocchis to come about shortly.

I roasted red onion wedges with lemon-thyme, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Something rich, sweet, savory and nutty, thanks to roasting powers, to complement the mild milky ricotta. Originally I wanted to crumble some gorgonzola over the onions but the ricotta might have gotten a beating from it, leaving its delicate flavors unrecognized. I shaved some parmigiano reggiano for a kick of sharp nuttiness. Real parmesan is something to appreciate. Delicious. I also got some Whole Foods' Hot Tunisian Olive Mix just as a side kick.


Marilyn made Lemon Creme Brulee for dessert. So yummy. You can tell because I plundered half of it before I realized I forgot to take a picture. That happens a lot to me. Anyhow, check out the class. Maybe you can join for some delicious writings and eatings.


A catered menu for www.writingpad.com


♥dex said...

This class sounds fantastic!

Who was it that recommended it to you?

I would sign up simply to eat more of anything made by you! ;)

yoony said...

hi dex! it was actually brett's idea to cook for the class but natasha's friend runs it. i think you would really enjoy. let your creativity flow. :) otherwise, just EAT.

BoLA said...

Fabulous pictures! Hmm...am def going to check out the writing pad. Love the name!

yoonyang said...

Me hungry...yum. Marilyn and Jeff are tres cool, no?

yoony said...

thanks kristy! great name and great idea, imo. :)

hi yoonyang! they is tres cool. in a cool place. in the cool hills. heard you and T had dinner over there. lucky! :)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Yoony, that sounds like a lot of fun. I remember reading about your hipcooks experience and this sounds like it's right up there. Your photos are awesome! I love Silverlake too. I'd love to move there but it would just be too far from my work. Is this class a one time thing?

yoony said...

hi dylan,

although i have always faltered in writing throughout school i enjoy this writing class a lot. it's a fun and peaceful way to spend a weeknight. and the other class members are such good writers i really like listening to their pieces. the session i'm taking is 9 weeks long but there are other classes being offered. i'll email you a descript. :)

justinsloe said...


class is already paying off, before you would have said "fucked up"


yoony said...


lol. i flying high now huh? jk. don't worry i keep the Fs in my pocket for another time.

TASH said...

Yoony is modest. She's actually a very talented writer, almost a better writer than cook!

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