San Francisco: Day 4 - North Beach


Ack, our last day! It is quite impossible to fit all my gastronomical desires and plans into three and a half days. But determined to be productive on our last (half) day I woke up around 9 (am this time) for my morning green tea and first bites of Miette's lavender shortbread cookies. These were heavenly! Light, buttery, and with the addition of the delicate floral rush of the lavendar, perfect. I enjoyed these with immense pleasure still in my pajamas, comfy socks, and the comforting buzz of the tv.


We headed out to Dottie's for breakfast and I started mine with a tall glass of tall milk. Sometimes there is nothing better than that. I got the Lousiana Hot Link with homefries, scrambled eggs and one of the most brilliant delicious ideas - grilled cornbread. So delicious. I had an itch for some meat so this spicy salty sausage was the perfect choice. I really liked the old school diner slash charming hole in the wall cafe atmosphere of this place. And the food also lived up to its reputation.

Then we rushed off to SF MOCA to see the Chuck Close exhibit. From here on we had to keep watching the clock, as our flight was at 4pm. :[ I wanted to see if Golden Flower was open but instead we headed down to North Beach to hang out for an hour or so.


I really loved this area. Definitely an area I would love to live in, being able to walk to a bunch of restaurants and shops. Boy and I nearly flipped out when we saw the Rogue Ales Public House. But it was closed and not to open til past our departure to the airport. After a brief stop at Citylights, the coolest bookstore in the world, we got a drink at the San Francisco Brewing Company. I had their SF Pale Ale. Shrug - it was okay but not the delicious glass of beer I wanted to end my trip with. I think I misread this as an IPA. Durr.


Anyhow, this really nice gentleman saw that we were a bit lost trying to find Citylights and practically gave us a tour of the area. This guy knew so much history about San Francisco and North Beach, a wealth of information and so nice to walk us to the bookstore. Too bad we didn't meet him at the beginning of our trip. One of the places he pointed out, Molinari's, was where Jack Dempsey used to work. We decided to grab a sandwich there so we wouldn't show up late for our plane, although deep inside I wanted to miss it so we would be "stuck" for an extra day in SF.

way too much meat!

Pressed for time we grabbed sandwiches from Molinari's for a quick lunch. I got the deli sandwich with soppressata and Boy got some special with prosciutto, mozzarella and sun-dried tomato. The sandwiches were good but not as good as Bay Cities, the standard mark for any deli comparison, and also kind of expensive. Well from there it was off to the airport and that is the end of our San Francisco story. The trip went by way too quickly. I can't wait to go back for round two.

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