Veal Saltimbocca Unaccomplished


At least once or twice a week I make a list of my perishables and decide what to eat for that week. I think I've gotten a little bit wiser with using groceries efficiently. Unlike my earlier days of cooking when I would buy a laundry list of ingredients for one recipe and never use them again. I do end up throwing away a few vegetables here and there, and an occasional non-fat yogurt, but always keeping an eye on my mental list of things-I-must-eat-NOW before indulging in a food shopping binge.

I guess it wouldn't have been a big loss if I tossed the small container of parmesan breadcrumbs, but veal saltimbocca with madeira reduction seemed like the perfect dish to utilize the breadcrumbs and some leftover sage. After I tasted AOC's breaded veal saltimbocca stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella, and sage, and finished off with a dash of madeira reduced in seconds in the veal pan, I knew I had to make this at home.

Unfortunately Trader Joe's does not carry veal nor madeira, so I had to settle for boneless pork chops. :( A rapid change in plans. Wow, pounding these babies out took time. Maybe the pork needed to be sliced in half into thinner pieces for effective malloting. I put a slice of prosciutto and torn sage on one half of the chop and folded the other side over for a sandwiching effect. This was then breaded in the parmesan breadcrumbs and sauteed in a butter olive oil combo, to be finished off in the oven.

The crisp texture of the parmesan breading, juiciness of the pork, saltiness of the prosciutto, and the aromatic sage, all came together for a beautiful snacking with some leftover pinot noir. The sauteed baby broccoli with garlic and lemon provided just enough green to balance this protein meal out.

Okay, so the veal saltimbocca plan had to be thrown out the window but I still made it through the night allright munching on the crisp stuffed pork chops and sipping on the red wine.

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