I Heart Sausage - Boudin Blanc


The fridge at Surfas is stocked with so many different sausages. That's dangerous for someone like me. I was good though only getting one pack, the Boudin Blanc with Cognac from Fabrique Delices. I would have liked to eat it with super smooth mashed potato and apple thyme risotto but instead I went for something already available from my pantry, farro, and put aside my boudin blanc fantasy meal for another day.

Boudin blanc is a delicate French white sausage made of pork, chicken or veal, cream, and breadcrumbs. It was indeed delicate and light with a velvety feel. The browned casing crisped up beautifully while the sausage stayed moist inside. The farro was a nice bed of texture and nutty flavors for the sausage and made a perfect lunch.

Being the Surfas and sausage whore that I am I went back and got the Portuguese Hawaiian Sausage. Also frickin delicious! Nice spiciness to it accented even more so by my generous shaking of Congo hot sauce. I think next on the list is the boar sausage. Yumms.


justinsloe said...

the sausages look delicious

your pictures make me so hungry

Grant said...

I have a lot of questions about farro. Where did you get yours? Last week I was making a recipe from Sunday Suppers at Lucques (the striped bass with black rice, farro, green garlic and tangerines) I went to Whole Foods and got a bag of what was labeled "Farro Berries." I question if farro berries are the same as farro. I followed Suzanne's instructions but the farro didn't seem to get tender. Rather it remained very chewy. Is that normal or did I not cook it correctly? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Adi said...

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