Marinated Tuna Angelini Style


I had an amazing dinner at Angelini Osteria a while back and our meal started off with a complementary plate of marinated tuna. It was so delicious and I sopped up all the olive oil with the slices of rustic bread. I had a few cans of tuna lying around so I figured why not. If the tuna was from Italy it would have been much better but the Trader Joe's tuna in olive oil worked fine. To the tuna I added some thinly sliced onion, golden raisans, toasted pinenuts, torn basil and a few parsley leaves. A few drizzles of a good olive oil and then it was ready to be scooped up by crackers. Try it and you will say yumm.


mgzamias said...

i was lucky enough to be a participant in the 2006 potatoganza...it was the most delicious potato i ever tasted in my whole entire life...Thanks Susan!!!

mgzamias said...

yeah yoony!

yoony said...

hi matt!

thanks for coming! :D we need another -ganza soon.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

hi yoony,

Ok, this looks great. Love the addition of parsley? I'm going to try Angelini Osteria sometime soon. I read an article on the owner in this month's Los Angeles magazine. The food sounds great!