San Francisco: Day 3 - Recovery

Saturday night, after a delicious dinner at Great Eastern Restaurant upon facing a dark closed Golden Flower next door, we headed out to see Danny Tenaglia spin. We had so much fun and the club was going bonkers all night. Anyhow, the story is that I didn't end up going to sleep by 6am as I had planned. Which meant that I threw myself off my meticulously planned scheduled of eatings, which meant no 1550 Hyde and other delicious eateries on my List. We actually went to sleep in the afternoon and then woke up at night. Partying sometimes turns your whole world upside down, in a good way though. ;)

After hangin out at a friend's hotel a few blocks down we came back and I was eager to eat our leftover chinese food from dinner. I asked the front desk if there is a microwave that I could use and they said no!! God, I was kind of pissed off because I know they have one, at least one, somewhere in the hotel. I just wanted to heat up my cold food! Previous to going out, attempting to heat up the chicken fried rice with the spaceheater proved pretty unsuccessful although the chill was taken off a bit.

delicious hot chicken fried rice... to become room temperature good chicken fried rice.

Poop. This sucked. So after going back to our room I called for hot water, plates and utensils (all free services), determined to somehow eat a delicious leftover dinner and give them a light finger at the same time. My brilliant plan was to heat some of the food using the spaceheater again (or more like get it to room temperature) and heat some in the coffee cup in the lidded ice bucket with the hot water. Well maybe not brilliant but that was the best way I could possibly think of. So every 5 minutes or so I would rotate the mushu pork in front of the spaceheater and then open up the ice bucket and stir up the crab noodles a bit.

mushu pork... same fated as the poor chicken fried rice.

The food got to room temperature and that was the best I was gonna get. Well at least the food was good and I did away with my hunger. But what if they just let me use their microwave? Then I wouldn't have used all their plates and utensils, wasted the time of the employee who delivered the plates, etc. and didn't get any tip because I didn't have any dollar bills, and made a pile of messy plates in the room for them to clean up. I think if I heated the food for about 30 minutes it may have gotten warm. But who has that kind of time when a full schedule awaits the next day??


justinsloe said...

yoony's mad macguyverish when it comes to food

yoony said...

tee hee. i love macguyver. esp the warning "do not try this at home."