Farmer's Market Discovery


Look at this beauty! I totally freaked out when I saw it. I love the geometric repetitions. This is a romanesco, a cauliflower originating from Italy that has been commerciallly available in Europe since 1990. I roasted this with some German Butterball potatoes and spicy Spanish paprika for a simple vegetable dish. It's really great when ingredients are of quality because you don't have to do much to it.


I also got some swiss chard and kale. The chard caught my eye with its beautiful red stems and tinted leaves. I was very happy with the high quality of both greens because this was going to be my first time cooking them, which means I needed all forces on my side. I followed a simple recipe from Orangette and voila...

Winter Greens with Chickpeas


eatdrinknbmerry said...

hey yoony, that romanesco looks like a psychedlic cauliflower. did you feel anything after eating it ? jk. Looking at the photo, it almost looks like one of those crazy optical illusion illustrations from the early 1900s. was this the fairfax or SM farmer's market?

justinsloe said...

great photo of that crazy veggie

yoony said...

hi dylan,

this was saturday sm market. i wish i felt something after eating it not that i didn't appreciate the yumminess of it. :) its much cooler looking raw so maybe crudite next time.

YoonYang said...

Which farmer's market do you go to? My work is just around the corner from the Santa Monica one, but I rarely ever venture over.

yoony said...

hi yoonyang! i goto the one on arizona and 3rd saturdays 830 to 12 i think. there is also a sunday sm one but ive never been to that one.