The New Year

The past year has gone by so incredibly fast. At first 2005 didn't seem very eventful but looking back now it's been filled with great food moments, including the inception of this humble blog.

A private cooking class with a tapas menu for my birthday, large lunch parties with friends, cooking at Coachella with my pre-roasted tomatoes and fixins, catering friends' birthdays on warm summer days, eating at Angelini Osteria for the first time and being completely being blown away, successful dinner parties for my family, starting my part-time internship at AOC...

Small moments have also made my year an enjoyable one... my first tastes of boudin blanc, spigarello, cavolo nero, brussel sprouts, and many cheeses. My cousin's peanut butter ball cookies that I devoured in seconds, my aunt's bindaeduks crisp on the edges from frying. Drinking Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate in these freezing LA winter mornings. First sips of champagne on special nights, or nights made special by drinking champage. And so many more...

I've found so many awesome food blogs. Beautiful in form and beautiful in writing. I love reading these all day, being inspired by the level of appreciation that people have for food. I also get extremely hungry too reading these scrumptious blogs.

So I guess now, at the end of my "reflection" I realize the past food year has been pretty awesome. As my interest in food has grown my daily life has become a bit more exciting and interesting. I hope the new year is filled with even more exciting readings, tastings, cookings, and food finding. And what better way to kick off the year than an extended weekend excursion to San Francisco, the city of great food, for indulgences in many things pleasurable. Woohoo!

Happy new year everyone and thank you so much for reading my humble little blog! ;D


Zoozan said...

Hi, I've been reading through your blog and enjoying it. You mention the wonderful food blogs that you've found - could you please list some of them.

yoony said...

hi zoonan,

thanks for reading!

here are some blogs i read frequently...


eatdrinknbmerry said...

Yoony, I say it time and time again, but food has such a huge part in our lives, well besides keeping us alive haha. You may not remember what you and your friends talk about while eating, but you'll remember what you made or ate. I can't wait to hear more about your AOC adventures. Seems like you had a stellar year. One reason I enjoy reading your blog is because you can cook. I'm more interested in seeing what people are creating in their kitchens, vs. ordering at a restaurant. There are just way too many restaurant blogs.

I just found a really nice blog:
http://justbraise.blogspot.com . she's from NY and she can cook very well. She's also a proud owner of a sunburst Le Creuset dutch oven like you and i think the 3 of us can form the LC Crew haha. Check her out.

yoony said...


thanks for the compliment. if i may say so myself you can cook too. but unlike me you don't proscratinate but get right on it, like the osso bucco. :)

i don't know what i would be doing if i wasn't cooking, eating or blogging. a less interesting life it would be. less indulgent. less sensory. less delicious!

can i be the captain of the le creuset club? i may have the biggest one. haha. [i'm looking forward to a smaller one for more frequent use].

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Even if i wasn't blogging, i think i'd still be cooking but definitely not be venturing into different types of cuisine. In a sense, my culinary world would be less than ordinary.

Well if size does matter then I guess you could be the CEO of LC Club haha. I think the Justbraise girl also owns LC ramekins -- god i wonder how much those costed her. I was wondering if LC made 10" saute pans or woks... can you imagine how disproportional your forearms would be after cooking w/ that for a year. You'd look like a freak lifting those heavyass puppies up.

♥dex said...

Happy New Year, KGB!

To many more special (food) memories this year! And at least ten pounds gained and lost because of 'em!

yoony said...

happy new year dex! damn ive already gained 10 in the last 5 days due to baked goods gifts. but cheers to all our food adventures to come! :)

my mom bought a set of 2 rectangular baking dishes at costco for sixty-something dollars. so cheap! she came home all proud bc she thought she did good. hehe. well she did do a good job. i haven't used them yet but you know how LCs come, sturdy and dependable. i've also seen LC baby ramekins at tj maxx for pretty cheap.

i think i need to lift more heavy stuff and build up some arm strength. esp for transporting stuff to the walkin.

oh yeah, have you seen the chef's hands? omg, so many scars. scary. ill be sad when my hands retires its youthfulness.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

They carry LC at Costco? Dude, Marshalls/TJ Maxx/BurlingtonCF/Ross -- sometimes you can find some good stuff there. It's like shopping at a thrift store -- sometimes you find pyrite, sometimes you find actual gold. You should checkout Tuesday Morning, or maybe you shouldn't haha. Lots of good stuff there as well. Arm strength is good, but for a girl to have a right arm larger than the left, it wouldn't be too sexy. The head chef at my restaurant rarely cooks. We have this one guy that has tons of scars on his hands -- not that i'm a masochist, i think the scars look dope. if you're concerned, you should just wear gloves at all times. A few of the female cooks do that to protect their tenderness and youthfulness.

Daily Gluttony said...


What an awesome year! Here's to more good eating and blogging in 2006! =)

J said...

hi yoony, great blog! thanks for giving me the opportunity to discover it!

yoony said...


thanks so much for reading! i'm so flattered. your blog is one of the most beautiful ones that i've found. thanks for all the great posts and pictures. happy new year!

Brett said...

Yoony, I agree. Great blog. I'll have to look back in your archives to read about your internship at AOC. I adore that restaurant and Suzanne Goin's cooking. Happy New Year to you. And thanks for stopping by my blog.