If My Mom Never Had to Cook Again...

... she would be the happiest person. It's just too much hassle for her. She's always cooked out of duty and not from pleasure. When she was a kid she had to cook for her four siblings while my grandmother worked. When she got married she was living with her in-laws cooking again. And she always cooks for my dad, who can cook a lil bit but never does. So understandably she got sick of it at some point. If I didn't know how to cook I think she would be cooking a lot more in order to feed me.

She's a good cook though. Delicious korean kalbi, jjijae (small condensed stews), gook (soup), and banchans (sides). And she's a short-cut queen. Once when I was washing the dishes, I heard a loud *crack* behind me. I turned around slowly to find her with snapping a bundle of green onions in half because she thought it be too much trouble to cut it! Yip, that's my mom. But thank god for her, I like to cook. I'll have five minutes before I have to bolt out the door for work and cook up a prosciutto and aged cheddar bagel sandwich, make biscuits at 9 o'clock at night, and sometimes make Korean food too.



So even though she still has to cook she can be happy that I will be there to give her a sampling and a taste of everything I'm making. And for this dinner, I made Aged Ribeye Steak, Farro with Parsley and Butter, and Sauteed Cabbage.


John said...

Hi - Nice pics. Looks delicious!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

hey happy new year. did you get your CIA book yet? what do you think of it? i'm THIS close to hitting the submit button for a book called On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee.

yoony said...

happy new year dylan! well i've flipped through the cia book but haven't really dove into it yet. you? the harold mcgee books sounds cool. ill add it to my amazon wishlist. :)