Edamame Hummus & Crab Phyllo Shell; Rosemary Polenta Cake with Herbed Gorgonzola Creme Fraiche


The above dish, Edamame Hummus & Crab Phyllo Shell, was inspired by I guess a need to propel myself into spring. Although none of the ingredients are distinctly spring it was to serve as a refreshing bite of crispy phyllo, nutty spring green edmame hummus warmed with a touch of white truffle oil, and lump crab meat simply seasoned with lime juice, lemon juice, and mint. The simple crab salad part I grabbed from a Barefoot Contessa episode (I can't find a reference to the episode but it was one of her girl friends that was visiting - I guess that's all the episodes, huh?). The edamame hummus isn't technically hummus since that necessarily requires chickpeas, but it's the same idea using soy beans as a substitute but still adding tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil. "Puree" and "spread" aren't always such pretty words to use.


The second plate showcased once again the humble but versatile polenta. If you want to work out your arms make polenta (not instant), which you need to cook for about 20 minutes. I don't last that long but I try. This time I used rosemary in the polenta cake along with a good pinch of red pepper flakes for some pleasant heat. I herbed some creme fraiche with parsley, chives, and thyme, and added some tang and sharpness with a chunk of gorgonzola.

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rick james said...


the edamame hummus and crab meat sounds like a really good combo... i once made this red chili hummus bout a decade ago when i thought i knew how to cook. came out really spicy, but pretty good.

glad you didn't use the crab flavored fish meat, that stuffs nasty!

yoony said...

hi dietchilicheesefries,

wow red chili hummus? how did you make that?

when i was really young and still in korea i used to eat those fake-pink&white-crab-wannabe-stringy-sticks as a snack. i don't think i found out they weren't even crab until way later!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

hi yoony, i love edamame hummus. i've made it over a wonton cracker and drizzled truffle oil over the hummus. hey was it hard working w/ phylo? i'm intimidated by anything that requires baking. i'm a guy, i like hot fire, sizzling sounds and steam.

yoony said...

hi dylan,

i am completely intimidated by baking too. that's why i bought those premade phyllo shells. :) just bake and fill. hehe, i like fire, sizzling and steam too. mostly stovetop stuff. roasting is delicious but a lof of waiting. can you share your edamade hummus recipe with me? mine came out kind of thick.

rick james said...

it was typical garbanzos, but i pureed some lemon and a some red chilis to give it a little kick...

any flaky pastry is intimidating... esp phyllo... i'll let pillsbury do the baking for me

yoony said...


ohhh, i thought you meant chili, like the one in your dietchilicheesefries. :) i gotcha. i have my first pack of phyllo in the freezer but i'm delaying my use of it. i'm intimidated too!