A Thank You with a Little Crisp


From me to Boy for a nice thing he done. He's gone Kettle crazy lately. Usually I would protest and tell him to eat more produce. But this time I thought I would indulge him in the crispy goodness that is Kettle Chips. And in flavors he's never tried. Of course he thought I was a miracle worker and asked where I had gotten them (not that they're hard to find). And a mind reader since only a day before he had stated "Kettle Chips are my newest addiction" while I had bought them chips a few days beforehand.

I hope he didn't eat all of em in one day.


justinsloe said...

thanks yoony!!!

it was actually the same day when I mentioned my Kettle addiction

I still have 3 bags left, whut whut???

eatdrinknbmerry said...

is that CHEDDAR BEER???

have you guys tried Tim's Cascade (funky flavors - wasabi, salt&vinegar) or the brand with the Lighthouse on it? I like the Lighthouse one the best (white bag).

yoony said...

i like british "crisps" the best. they got them crazy flavors like spicy thai chilies, roast chicken w/thyme - this one was the best after a night of beer guzzling.

i'm not sure if i've seen the lighthouse ones. i don't eat chips that much. but i love salt & vinegar! would love to do a comparison with kettle salt & vinegar. that's been the best one so far.

Anonymous said...

i love kettle chips...i make myself believe that they are healthier than normal potato chips....jalapeno is my fav.

yoony said...

i think kettle chips are better than other more processed chips. they use safflower oil and no saturated fats. flavors are much much better too.