Pecan Praline Shorbread Bars


Once upon a time, I tried to make pecan praline. I followed the instructions carefully making sure I brought up the caramel mixture to the correct temperature.

I poured the praline mixture onto a silpat lined sheet pan. But misery. It never hardened. Caramel definitely hates me. However, I could not get myself to to throw this sugary mix out. I thought. Then figured, why not pecan praline shortbread bars?

I made a typical shortbread dough of butter, flour, sugar. Lined a square baking pan with the dough making sure there is a little edge. Reheated the praline mixture in the microwave then poured it on top of the shortbread base. Baked it off which made my kitchen smell sooo good. Yum. Then the pecan praline was saved. The end.


Yoonyang said...

hey, you want me to make the praline? Once I got the caramel going, it was pretty easy. Friggin caramel - the bain of our existence.

Chubbypanda said...


- Chubbypanda

Anonymous said...

how resourceful...i want to taste! i love pecans on desserts!

Santos said...

good save! they look deeeeeelicious.

Anonymous said...

You should really include the whole recipe, those look amazing!

Adi said...

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