In Search of a Food Mill

Hello all!

I'm looking to get a food mill but don't know which brand to get. The highly rated ones on Amazon are Cuisipro and MIU. But I'm not sure those will be sturdy for a long time. Otherwise I'm willing to fork over more dollars for something like All Clad or Matfer.

Is there a hardware store in LA I can goto for a good food mill or one that you would recommend?



Lynn said...

I can't seem to use any other food mill than a Foley. My mom has one that is practically ancient, and I grew up using it. I adore mine - I got a vintage one in great shape, used on eBay for about $20. It makes the BEST fennel mashed potatoes and my famous potato-leek soup. :)

They're not very expensive, they're made well, and they're a powerhouse to use. The only thing that might be a downer is if you were hoping to have multiple discs to interchange.

yoony said...

hi lynn!

thanks for your food mill advice. i got lucky and scored one for xmas though! a cuisinart one. i can't to make some potato puree. :)

Lynn said...

Oooh! Yay for Xmas!

(btw, this is Lynn formerly of SF, now of Denver, friend of the Boy...in case you know any other Lynns!)

yoony said...

ohh hi lynn! i kept clicking on your name link to no success so i'm glad you told me it was you! :)

how is denver by the way? my brother is scheduled to move out there in the summer/fall which will give me a perfect reason to go out there for the beer fest. :D sounds like justin had a good time in denver with you guys.

happy new year by the way~!

Lynn said...

We love Denver! :) And yes, that is the perfect time for a visit for the beerfest! We have plenty of room, so you guys have a place to stay (if your brother doesn't have room).

Happy New Year to you, too! Can't wait to read about your food adventures this year! :)

Anonymous said...

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