What I Eat

Sam over at Beck & Posh just wrote a post on everything she ate last week. I thought brilliant! Like her, I keep a record of everything I eat and have been doing it for some time now. I started doing that as a way to keep track of how much healthy or naughty food I eat throughout the week, although sometimes keeping record doesn't necessarily hold me back from having very naughty weeks.

I gotta admit my eating habits for the last few weeks have been a bit kooky though. But here is everything I ate last week divided by breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon, dinner:

B: izze pomegranate, mixed grain rice w/squash, fish jun (egg dipped & fried), bean sprouts, roasted seaweed (startin my day all Korean here)
L: 2 japanese crackers
MA: almonds
D: white rice w/kimchi, squash, daikon saute, fish jun

B: turkey sandwich w/arugula
L: raspberries, almonds
MA: master cleanse lemon drink
D: white rice w/kimchi, ugoji gook (dried cabbage soup), Seoul Hwaegwan - jungol (Korean version of shabu shabu), hwae naengmyun (cold buckwheat noodle w/sashimi & red pepper sauce)

B: master cleanse lemon drink
MM: master cleanse lemon drink
L: izze clemetine, almonds
MA: master cleanse lemon drink, hwae naengmyun
D: Novecento - spaghetti vongole (shared), tagliata mostarda (shared), bruschetta, few glasses of wine
*Bottle Rock - big bottle of hitachino nest white ale

B: master cleanse lemon drink
L: chickpea spinach salad w/feta
MA: master cleanse lemon drink
D: Taqueria Sanchez - 1/2 al pastor burrito, chips & salsa, asada taco, Angel Maid - cream puff

B: izze clementine
MM: master cleanse lemon drink
L: 1/2 pastor burrito, spinach salad
MA: master cleanse lemon drink
D: turkey sandwich w/arugula, 1 bite mac n cheese
*beer, beer, beer

MM: Chabelita - carne asada taco, al pastor taco, diet coke
L: India Spices - pakoras
MA: 1/2 bottle red wine
D: yakisoba w/scallion
*Anchor Brewing Winter Ale, few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc

L: yakisoba w/scallion, 1/2 grilled cheese w/marinara sauce
D: Marouch - tabouli, babaganoush, kebab combo

Kooky indeed. The weekends always tend to get a lil bit messed up because I goto sleep really late. And drinking usually entails not the healthiest foods the next day. But you can see on Sunday I ate healthy middle eastern food! Yay, victory. Although I did eat tons of food Tuesday-Thursday evening though. Probably because I was being way too healthy during the day. :P Sigh. Ok, I'll try to eat healthier this week, trying to follow the original guidelines of 5 smaller meals a day. I'll try!


Chubbypanda said...

Cute concept. Little mini-pictures of the food would have topped it off nicely. I'll have to try it some day. (^_^)

- Chubbypanda

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yoony! I am glad I am not the only one who does this or finds it intriguing. GOod point that not all weeks are created equal in my food diary, that is for sure!

I also noticed you have a similar habit to me of perhaps forgetting exactly how many glasses of wine after a few.

I think thhis excercise tells a lot about a person - I am almost thinking every food blog should have this admission on their site somewhere.

Maybe I am going to do the photo version soon. Maybe over the thanksgiving week. It would be interesting to get a lot of bloggers to do that concurrently!?

(If anyone would admit to what they eat during thanksgiving week, that is)

yoony said...

hi chubbypanda,

i would love to do little thumbnails! except i'm really bad at those computery stuff. :/

hi sam,

i'm so glad you posted your meals! :) i think i will try to keep this up and finally put my spreadsheet to some good use. already i feel inclined to eat healthier and on schedule since now i may be sharing my meals with blog reader. great idea!

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, come on! It does sound so healthy: fruit and nuts for lunch, lots of veg, fish... And the fact that you (and Sam) eat breakfast at all. Good for you.
I'll start my tally after I get over this stomach rumble. I'm not good for much more than mashed potatoes at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I, too, keep a log to track my meals during the day. I, also, noticed that I always give myself a treat at the end of the day for being good. In your opinion, does that master cleanser work? I'm sure if it tasted like izze..you would drink it more often! :)

yoony said...

hi cookie crumb,

wait until my bad week comes. :) that's where all the tacos and burgers go.

hi anonymous,

i think any sort of cleanse you do will work. it just has to become a daily thing. like eating lots of greens, fruits, etc is a cleanse in of itself. the reason i keep drinking that lemon drink is bc it helps me drink more water everyday (i barely drink at all if not), it's an easy fast breakfast, and it helps me control calories throughout the week. i've never done that 10 day only lemon drink schedule though. that's too crazy for me. i like moderation and plus i love food!

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