Roasted Farmer's Market Carrots & Potatoes


When I was young carrots were high on my hate list. Even until a few years ago the only carrots I would eat were those shaved down baby carrots that came in a bag. Preferably dunked in a thick bowl of ranch dressing, I guess to cover up that carrot taste. Even that I probably only ate once a year. Raw carrots still aren't my best friend. I just read recently somewhere that those baby carrots are shaved into shape from big carrots! Liars.

I've been faced with crappy carrots all my life and I laid down the judgement on all of carrot-dom.

However, my first memorable experience with carrots was at AOC. They used to get these tiny baby carrots from the farmer's market and roast them for a salad. The skin of these colorful carrots would get carmelized and shriveled and the texture took on a little bit of that roasted root vege bite.

Epiphany. As I've started to cook the last few years there have been many of those moments when I think holy crap, I had no idea ___ could taste like this. Those epiphanies have really made me appreciate good quality produce and makes scouring the farmer's market really exciting. I guess it's kind of comparable to eating tomatoes from the big supermarkets all my life then having that first actually ripe and super juicy tomato from the farmer's market. Cheers to the hard working farmers who bring such beautiful healthy produce to the market!

Here is my Roasted Farmer's Market Carrots & Potatoes:


Simply delicious.


Hello colorful potatoes.


And still delicious as part of my tv dinner with shavings of parmigiano reggiano.


justinsloe said...

those carrots were so good, probably the best I've ever had

Anonymous said...

I've never honestly seen so many different colors from a carrot! This tv dinner seems like it was quite healthy (so many different veggies).

♥dex said...


Hoo-ray! More Ewe-n foods!


yoony said...

i am on a vege roll!

onslaught is right. where your bloggity go dex?

Mahek said...

are those all carrots?
and do you really get potatoes in
three colours.

Carter Lusher said...

Hi Yoony, Another great idea for a very simple dish. I'm running to the farmers' market this morning to see what carrots I can grab. BTW, I just had to let my readers know about this post.


yoony said...

hi mahek,

the top picture is all carrots. the colors are amazing! i got purple, red and tan potatoes from the same farmer. there are also some pink fingerlings too, which have pinkish flesh also. i know, so many colors!

hi carter,

yay i'm glad you're making roasted carrots too! :) seriously good eats. thanks for sharing that with your readers.

justinsloe said...

This reminds me of how delicious this was

Anonymous said...


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