Endive, Roquefort & Walnut Salad; Pork au Poivre with Red Wine-Shallot Sauce


The combination of endive, roquefort and toasted walnuts never fails to bring happiness to my buds. Pleasantly bitter, crunchy and juicy leaves paired with nutty crunchy nuts, and pungent creamy blue cheese. It's so elegant but so simple to make.


Then came pork au poivre. I followed Ellie K's suggestion of using pork tenderloin by cutting it open, ending up with a flat piece of meat. I cut this into portions and slathered it with dijon and pressed in my poorly cracked black pepper onto the surface. I cooked the pork in olive oil until it was brown and yummy. When it was done cooking I made the sauce in the same pan which consisted of shallots, red wine, demi-glace (the little package ones you thin out in hot water), and a dab of butter. And on the side simple green beans with sliced almonds.

It was a simple and delicious weeknight dinner. Mmm... the pictures are bringing back memories! I'm hungry.


Anonymous said...

the pork looks SO GOOD! right now, my mouth is watering!

justinsloe said...

looks a billion times better than my slice of pizza and movie theatre hot dog from last night

I think my stomach is going to hurt til Christmas

Chubbypanda said...

Ooooh... Looks delish. What does endive taste like? I've never actually tried it. It always looked like an expensive little Napa Cabbage to me, so I'd always end up buying a big Napa Cabbage to eat instead.

yoony said...

hi chubbypanda,

endive is from the chicory family of plants (like raddiochio, frisee) which tend to have a bitter flavor. endive is also crunchy and refreshing. surprisingly, napa cabbage is from the mustard family! didn't know that til now.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

I'm not surprised that napa is from the mustard family. there is a slight bitter taste to it, yet when steamed, becomes sweet. have a good weekend, i'm going to sonoma w/ J!

yoony said...

hi dylan,

yeah i would have never guess since it's so mild. but the regular cabbage is from the mustard family too so go figure. have fun in sonoma!