Mini Poppyseed Lemon Bundt Cake


What to do when you have a huge container of poppy seeds...


Buy a $30 bundt pan and make adorable mini poppyseed lemon bundt cakes.

I need to make many many more cakes if I'm going to use up those poppyseeds. I hear that they're highly perishable! And I've had them since that spring dinner I made for my parents... when I only needed a pinch actually.

If you have a delicious poppyseed cake recipe that I can make in my new bundt pan, please share!


han nah said...

Obviously, you know that I am the last person you go to for any poppyseed recipes but I think you might need TONS from others because that container is HUGE!

Outside of poppyseed with lemon, I've had poppyseed blueberry cakes. They were very good.

yoony said...

ooh poppyseed blueberry... i have a container of dried blueberries at home. maybe i can try something with that. thanks for the idea! :)

♥dex said...

Yeah, is that container industrial sized? Like for an actual restaurant kitchen?

You betta work, Ewe-nee!

One Food Guy said...

That is one magical poppyseed lemon bundt cake! It looks like it's levitating in the dish a la David Blaine! Nice shot!

vivian said...

mmm that looks good... been doing some baking huh? i hope you had a good thanksgiving!