Thai Patio in the Ghetto Strip Mall


I had to shop for some meat for my parent's anniversary dinner and also for little niknaks like power outlet cover craps. Since crappy KMart is in the same ghetto depressing strip mall as Whole Foods at Fairfax & 3rd, I went to that dirty disorganized place and wasted way too much time. KMart place is like a puzzle. A confusing puzzle that tries to make you buy a bunch of crap you don't need.

And likewise for convenience stopped by Thai Patio for lunch. But it wasn't ghetto. Nor disorganized. Actually it was rather pleasant and clean. It's located within the courtyard nestled between Whole Foods and the other strip mall stores. Daylight floods in from their all glass wall, which is perfect for blog pic shooting. :)
And while the view outside was still ghetto I liked the view inside with all the food passing by.


And holy crap was it cheap or what. Chicken Curry was only $3.99 as a lunch special! And the Pad-see-u not much more. Both were delicious and Boy proclaimed the curry a hundred times better than the one at Palms Thai. I would say that's exaggerating it a bit but then again I've usually skip on the panang at Palms and the one at Thai Patio was really good.

The pad-see-ew, one of my favorite Thai noodle dishes, was delicious with its thick tender rice noodles seasoned perfectly with soy sauce. It could have had more broccoli though, as you know I am a vegetable fiend. Total cost came out to less than $14 including two drinks and tip. This was quick, inexpensive and very delicious.

6332 W 3rd St


rick james said...

and she scores!

sounds like a good find yoony..

yoony said...

:) wish the location was somewhere else though! that area is traffic central.

♥dex said...

Los Angeles is traffic central, darlin'.


yoony said...

theriously. traffic is our life here. and yelling.

k said...

Hi! You know, I would have never expected there would be a gem in the middle of...THAT plaza. But, now I'm intrigued. My bf lives close to there, so now I must go!