Focaccia Roll with Turkey Pastrami, Kettle Chips & Tapatio


I put myself on some crazy ass budget because of a few very big expenses coming up. This basically meant no buying groceries, definitely no Surfas, and no buying kitchen stuff at TJ Maxx. Even shopping at Trader Joe's I stuck to a skeleton of a grocery list. I don't really like turkey but at $1.60 the packet of the turkey pastrami was the best deal. Seriously, $1.60! That't craziness.

I slapped that onto some focaccia roll, topped it with some roasted pepper relish, american cheese (that's all that was at home -- sigh), and a handful of Boy's spinach. But it was definitely missing something. I stuck in a pieces of Kettle Chip's Salt & Vinegar and dabbed good drops of Tapatio on each bite. Problem solved. It was really really good I tell ya.

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