Bread Pudding with Whipped Cream & Strawberries


I had some brioche crusts lying around my fridge leftover from another dish that I had made. I was determined to use it up in some way or another. Bread pudding would be a perfect metamorphosis. I mixed together an egg, milk, cream, cinnamon, brown sugar, and Grand Marnier, poured this over the crusts, sprinkled a pinch of brown sugar on top, and baked it off. I made a plate for my sweets-crazy mom crowning the thrifty little bread pudding with freshly whipped cream and sweet ripe strawberries.


justinsloe said...

the chocolate bread pudding you made was dericious

yoony said...

tenk-u. i think it woulda been better topped with homemade creme fraiche-vanilla ice cream. :D

Gustad said...