Prosciutto Hock Into Sandwich


I got a chunk of prosciutto hock from Whole Foods to make prosciutto crisps but still had a bit leftover. I did my best to slice the small round chunk using my super sharp still very new Henckel knife. The slices, or rather shavings, were good but not the the delicate, pink, beautifully transparent pieces you can get at your deli.


It crowned a Trader Joe's onion roll along with oven-roasted tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, sliced onion, and dijon mustard. Gave it a good warming up in the toaster oven to make a "freshly made" sandwich taste the next day at work. The edges of the roll got nicely brown and crisp while the prosciutto was heated up slightly. Although assembling the sandwich after just toasting the bread would have been optimal, it was just a work lunch. I'm not complaining.

However, I drank a TON of water after that sandwich (I usually drink 1 cup a day) because of the copious amount of salt in the pile of not-perfectly-transparent prosciutto "shavings". Is there such a thing as a mini meat/deli slicer that won't cost an arm and a leg? That would be perfect for turning that prosciutto hock into perhaps a few less salty sandwiches instead of one delicious salty one.


eatdrinknbmerry said...

What kind of Henckel knives did you get? Pro S, 4-star, 5-star?

yoony said...

oh shoot i don't know. i didn't keep the box. it's a set with a bunch of knives. smaller black handles, kinda lighter than the other henckel set at home which has fuller softer handles.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

where did you buy it? Kim's home center?

if the handles feel kinda like they've been sanded yet smooth, they are probably Four-Stars, which i have.

congrats! it's always nice to have new tools.

yoony said...

i got it as a birthday gift from my mom. she said she got it from costco. i'm still getting used to the smaller handles and lighter weight. but definitely nice to have sharp knives.

in the beginning it was too sharp though. while using the pairing knife to trim brussel sprouts, just the little push of the blade into my thumb created a group of scratches. one that was uber-emphasized in my memory by lemony acid the next day. ouch.

on a different note, i wish i could be joining you local bloggers at musha too! :/

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Ouch! Lemon and flesh do not mix. I feel sorry for snails when they get the Kosher Salt Storm.

Wish you could go to Musha's too. This is a larger event. It'll be much easier to plan with a smaller group. We'll talk about it planning another one with the people you wanna meet. I've only met Pam and i'm friends with Bola and her bf, MS. Haven't met anyone else. If we meet, we are NOT eating at the Surfas Cafe hahaha. You're like, "damn, how did he know that i wanted to eat there?"

yoony said...

haha~ i've never actually been to surfas cafe. and haven't really felt the urge to either. have you been?

darlamay said...


eatdrinknbmerry said...

No thanks, I can already tell it's a ripoff. Plus Zteve of Gastrologica.com told me it sucked.

yoony said...

surfas has so many good products to make a great meal, no reason to go into the cafe.

plus i'm usually rushing right in to surfas with shopping efficiency in mind. of course once i'm in efficiency flies out the door and i'm cruising down every aisle.