Ribeye Steak Stir-fry & Scallion Salad


When I get home from work and I'm usually hungry and like to appease that asap. I didn't see too much in the fridge but did locate a raw ribeye steak, shredded scallion, and some basil. A stir-fry doesn't sound too bad. Except it wasn't really a full stir-fry because there was a tiny bit of unwelcomed steaming in the pan.

I thinly sliced the steak and sauteed it over high heat. Then added some fish sauce, black pepper, sliced red onion, basil, and a squeeze of lemon attempting an amateur stab at some Thai flavorings. I crowned the beef with a huge dollop of sambal, my favorite hot sauce.

Shredded scallion is available at Korean markets and it makes for a super easy salad. Just drizzle some sesame oil, a tiny bit of soy sauce, a good sprinkling of sesame seeds, a light touch of Korean red pepper flakes and you're done.

This was delicious, fast and homey with warm mixed grain rice. It was perfect for noshin in front of the tv.

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