A Boy, Quesadilla, Beer, and Choco Bread Pudding


Who: Boy
Boy offered to make me dinner one weekday. Actually I told him to make me dinner. And made sure it was in the making on my drive over too. But hey, that's almost the same thing. I was hungry. :)

What: Quesadilla
Filled with Trader Joe's Mexican blend cheese and chipotle chicken sausage, this was mucho delicious. Never had beef with a spicy sausage nor a simple homemade quesadilla. But I could have skipped on the TJ papaya salsa thingy.


With: Russian River's Salvation
Russian River is one of Boy's favorite breweries, along with AleSmith. And looky what treat waited for us in the name of Salvation. It's their Belgian style strong dark ale. So frickin good. So far I've liked everything from this brewery and let me tell you, they gots a lot. Can't wait to visit it sometime. Salvation won a Silver Medal in 1999 at the World Beer Cup.


Me: Chocolate Bread Pudding
I may demand but I don't come empty handed. But of course I forgot the recipe as I left my place in search of a hot quesadilla. I had packed all the ingredients though. I figured bread pudding couldn't be that hard without a recipe. Afterall, it was just egg, milk, and sugar. I only used a little bit of sugar and sprinkled the chopped bittersweet chocolate on top of the soaking bread. Out it came from the oven piping hot and delicious, closing the meal with a bit of chocolatey sweetness.


justinsloe said...

Yoony even said, "Good Job, Boy" after too.


yoony said...

good job boy. :) maybe you can make homemade pico de gallo next time. hint hint.

YoonYang said...

So when will "boy" graduate into manhood?

yoony said...

when he eat more vegetables. :)