Olympic Kalgooksoo - Comfort in a Bowl


Kalgooksoo is truly one of my favorite noodles dishes. It's a Korean dish made with thick handcut noodles, and the one above in particular is chicken flavored adorned with slices of scallion. Adding a dollop of the soy sauce mixture and the pepper flake paste seasons and warms up the soup and makes it perfect to eat with the traditional accompaniment of gut-jeo-rih (marinated cabbage, different from regular kimchi which is fully fermented).

The best place to get this delectable comforting noodle dish is Olympic Kalgooksoo. As usual, it's a pretty small ghetto-looking Korean restaurant but I happen to find those to be the best. The dumplings there are also uber excellent along with the kimchi kalgooksoo, although now I've become addicted to the chicken one.


Recently my mom and I tried one of their other dishes, Kong-na-mul-bap, a spicy plate of bean sprouts, rice, and chili paste, topped with thinly sliced egg and nori. We've lived 5 minutes from Olympic Kalgooksoo for about 8 years and haven't tried this dish until currently! I'm only yelling because it's so damn good. Can't believe I've been missing out on it. I didn't even know it was on the menu. Sooo good.

I don't know how hard it is to make kalgooksoo at home but I've NEVER had a homemade version (unless my feeble memory escapes me). Korean supermarkets offer a variety of different brands with a package of fresh noodles and (usually too salty) seasoning packet to which you add fresh ingredients such as squash and scallion. But it's nothing compared to the freshly made bowls of noodles at Olympic Kalgooksoo.

Olympic & Crenshaw
*south-east corner next to century sports center


YoonYang said...

*Ugh* I need a constant reminder not to check your blog before lunch... hungry now.

yoony said...

hi yoonyanger,

i have crappy lunch today and my post is making me hungry too! but unfortunately for me i make my post early morning which means i be hungry for a long long time.

justinsloe said...

I am oddly hungover for not drinking much last nite. I need some comfort food stat and that looks perfect. Sadly in my part of downtown, I'll have to suffer through some shitty chain food.

YoonYang said...

Now that I no longer work downtown, I sorely miss Langer's and Phillipe's. Nuffin' like a cardiac arrest for lunch. But, hot damn, those sandwiches are tasty!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

justin, i am hungover too. yoony, i need that bowl of noodles now.

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