Red Thumb Fingerlings with Anchovy Cream, Prosciutto & Chives


When I head down to the Saturday Santa Monica farmer's market I usually stop by the Weiser Farm table for some nice potatoes. I'm enamored by potato flesh with alternative hues, such as this Red Thumb variety. I decided to oven steam these with herbs and olive oil in a baking dish covered with foil. After the cooking time I left them in the oven to cool while I headed out for the evening.

When I got back home and opened up the foil what I found was not pretty. The pink hue to the flesh had gone muted into the neutral browns while bits of ugly herbs stuck to it. I tasted one and bitterness hit my taste buds. Yuck! I'm not sure what happened exactly. Cooking them at too high of a heat? Including parsley in the herb mixture? Leaving them in the oven to cool with the foil on?


Anyhow, I was determined to salvage these and quickly came up with a solution. I sauteed anchovies in butter until they dissipated then added cream to the mixture. The potatoes, after the brown herbs were scraped off, were added to the cream mixture and gently heated. I finished it some prosciutto crisps and chives and the ptoatoes were saved. At least this time.

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