Surfas: Chef's Paradise


LA streets pretty much go north, south, east and west. Until you get on National Blvd. National has to be my least favorite street bc I get lost on this non-conforming road everytime I exit off it from the 10W. Many trips to Surfas, a restaurant supply store, has ended up with a tour of Culver City which ends with a call to Boy to look up the map on the web. Now if I was smart I would have seen that on their website it tells you to exit off Robertson from the 10W. Durr.

Anyhow I love Surfas. I wouldn't even mind a weekly trip there, although I don't know if I'll be able to keep my wallet closed. I like to walk down the aisles and pick up all sorts of pans, feeling the weight of each one. Carefully look at imported bottles of spices, olive oil, mustard and other gourmet goods. There's an eyeful there. I can spend a whole afternoon there just eye-shopping and making a mental wish list.

Surfas, a family-owned operation, had its humble beginning in 1937 out of an abandoned LA garage. But since then Surfas has become an important source for culinary professionals. They carry commercial equipment, cookware, tools and etc. A few years ago they opened their doors to the public. Lucky us!


It's a place you definitely have to check out. So many great products. Well it's where restaurants shop so it better be good. Once I made the mistake of looking for a food processor there. Of course it was for commercial use and cost over $700! Whoa. But pans, pots and non-commercial items are at good prices. They also sell a lot of white (restauranty) tableware.

Here is my last Surfas loot:

I love the patented Microplane graters. They work so well but you gotta be careful not to nick your finger and fingernails. HP sauce is so good on many things, especially "chips." Also on a soft roll sandwich with bread fish fillet (the frozen kind - I like Whole Foods one), arugula, red onion and mayo - homemade fast food.

I'm not much of a sweets person but I'm down for chocolate anytime. The Vosges' Oaxaca Bar is a Tanzanie bittersweet chocolate with pasilla and guajillo chilies. The chilies hit your tastebuds once the chocolate melts a little bit. It's a good combination with the bittersweet chocolate. At $5 a bar, I had to limit myself to just one. Their website is filled with all sorts of tantalizing chocolate products. It's kind of hard to look at all of em knowing I can only have a few. After all, they are Haut Chocolat.

8825 National Blvd (between Venice and Washington)
Culver City, CA 90232



eatdrinknbmerry said...

i have to admit, when i go to bedbath&beyond, i slowly walk the aisles of the cooking section. i spend the most time drooling over the japanese Global knives. *sigh*

the microplane rocks. i use it all the time for zesting and grating ginger/garlic.

how are the prices at this place?

BoLA said...

Ooo...Surfas may be my next stop!! Hahha...I love going into Williams Sonoma but man...it's so freakin expensive! Yes...I'd have to ask the same question...how are the prices at this place??? :)

yoony said...

hi guys! i haven't bought any big items there but prices look like a good deal. i think they're at wholesale prices. i got a roasting pan on amazon on discount for about $115 and at surfas the most expensive one is $90. I got my two microplanes there for $13 and $10 and my baking sheet sized silpat for $24 (love silpat!).

william sonoma is sooo expensive. i love going into their stores but they really do try to rape your wallet. you can check out all the surfas prices on the website. check out the food section! so many cool stuff.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

kristy, one of these days i'll go with you if you're over at MS's. it'd be like a toy store for us haha.

williams sonoma is the nordstrom's of cooking stores.

i think every once in a while, the 20% off coupon from BB&B is beneficial. but i think they typically beef up their prices to make you think you're actually saving a lot.

i've found that for smaller cooking tools/utensils... Ross, Marshall's, T.J. Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory have great prices. if you guys know what a le creuset dutch oven is...this retails at around $150+. it's the orange, blue or red pot most food network chef's use to braise or saute. i saw a slightly scratched one at marshall's once for $79.99.

yoony said...

wow that's cheap for le creuset. i actually got my 9.5q one from the outlet store near palm springs for about $200 (retail price of $400). those pots are crazy but so nice and sturdy.

i like ross too. sometimes you can find really good deals on plates. they do have good small tools. i was at mervyn's a few weeks ago and they were having 40% off on some of their kitchen items! i like amazon too, for convenience and easy comparison.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

whoa you have a 9.5 quart Le Creuset? Are you running your own pho restaurant??? haha. you can make like 12 bowls of pho from that pot. i was looking at a 4.5-5 quart one.

yoony said...

it's so heavy! and with food, very heavy! when my mom uses it she doesn't even bother to clean it cause she can barely pick it up lol. when i bought it all i thought was "what if i need a bigger pot? what if?" i'll have to do it justice one of these days and make a big patch of stew. :)

eatdrinknbmerry said...

you can make yukaejaang and freeze it. you can feed an army haha!

yoony said...

you know, i've never made yukaejaang before. but now i will! maybe have a yukaejaang party. hehe.

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