Mitsuwa Treats: Natural Yeast Bread


I absolutely love going to Japanese markets bc everything is so clean and perfectly stacked. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with perfectly neat things bc I was so messy growing up. I used to get in trouble all the time by my mom to whom I would say "then don't look into my room!" Well, these days I've grown up a little and also lived in really ghetto, dirty apartments with super dirty, messy people. I've mostly reformed thanks to my disgust at other people's dirtiness.

Anyhow, everyone knows how cutely and perfectly adorable all the Japanese crackers, candies, cookies and special breads are packaged. I am a total whore for that. I rarely ever buy any of those things (except for baguettes and whole wheat stuff) but when I goto Mitsuwa or Nijiya I get excited and grab an assortment of stuff. Only to play process of elimination and put most of it back very slowly after deep contemplation.

Last week I had an extended lunch and took off to Mitsuwa to eat and kill some time. After finishing a bento box of Donkatsu for only $4.99, I began to peruse the aisles for anything that might fancy me. That's when I saw the "Natural Yeast Bread". I saw the perfectly shaped fluffy pillow of bread before I even read the super unsexy name. The Chocolate flavor with thin, dark brown lines cutting parallel through it was my first choice. Then the Melon. Melon? Yip, I didn't even know melon was a flavor of bread!

Both were as I expected, fluffy with a refined texture and not too sweet. The very slight presence of the chocolate added just enough sweetness and flavor but the bread still remained the star. The melon was interesting and so much better than I thought it would be. Sweet melon flavor and also a slight melon color in the bread. It didn't taste artificial or too fruity. It seemed as though the chocolate and melon flavors were there just to make you reminisce about that last time you had a good chocolate or bit into a sweet, juicy honeydew. Definitely going back for more of these next time.

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