Pantry Raid: Trader Joe's Jalapeno Blue Cornbread Mix


It's much easier to eat healthy when I can afford to go produce shopping at few times a week at Whole Foods. Instead I'm eating whatever I have, which are eggs, rice, freezables and other storable/stored items. This budget crisis has thwarted my get skinny plan, which was already in decline anyways. Don't get me wrong, the food has been delicious and mostly unprocessed, but I miss the freedom of shopping. Like finding a type of cheese I want to try, a bottle of chilled white that would be so refreshing after dinner tonight and delicious impulse items. But I've realized that so many delicious things are very inexpensive to make and that I can really cut down on my unnecessary expenses and save some money.

But for today I am still satisfied because Trader Joe's Jalapeno Blue Cornbread has turned out delicious. The only ingredient I bought was the mix. I used soy milk bc that's what I had at home, 1 egg and some vegetable oil. I was a lil worried bc the mix called for whole milk but it came out great. The jalapenos really come through so you get a nice spiciness with each bite. I baked them in a muffin pan instead of a rectangular baking dish. Much cuter and mobile this way. Love the blue corn color with the browned bits.

I will serve them for a Hollywood Bowl dinner tonight with mango chutney and parmagiano chunks. Boy is responsible for red wine... $0 for me. Yay.

Total cost of non-pantry items=$3 [dinner for two].


Anonymous said...

just found out today that trader joes is no longer carrying this cornbread mix...go figure......i finally found something that i love and they stop making it...a sad day for me

yoony said...

hi anonymous,

:/ i hate it when that happens! for a while they didn't have roquefort cheese but then they brought it back. maybe they'll bring this back. it's yum.

Anonymous said...

I also love this stuff... write to them and get them to bring it back!! WE have the powah!